JCI Inspection Services

JCI Inspection Services

B&M Okinawa provides JCI inspection services for your vehicle to insure that your car is in compliance with Japanese and base vehicle registration laws.
All vehicles in Japan must pass inspection every 2 years, and some other classes of vehicles must be inspected every year.

We provide complete JCI inspection services that include:
• Preparing your vehicle to pass JCI inspection
• Taking your vehicle in to get the actual JCI inspection completed
• Update your base registration and Japanese title upon completion

All you have to do is drop your car off. We’ll talk to you about what needs to be done to bring your car up to JCI inspection standards. Then you come and pick up your car when it has passed JCI inspection. We’ll take care of everything for you… no headaches or worries. When you pick up your car all you need to do is drive it! Contact us for more information on the services we provide in Okinawa for JCI inspections.

Junking and Deregistering Your Vehicle

In the event you would rather junk and deregister your vehicle than pay the fees to JCI your vehicle, we can take care of the entire process for you including towing your vehicle and all paperwork.
We are registered and authorized by local authorities to junk and deregister vehicles. We follow all regulations for recycling automobiles, including parts, lubricants, and fluorocarbons contained in your vehicle.
We’ll pick up your car or vehicle anywhere in Okinawa and complete all the paperwork required for deregistration. In most cases disposal of the car is free. Please contact us to arrange for junking and deregistering your vehicle.

Title Modifications

Modifications to your vehicle that require a title update include engine swaps, transmission swaps, or changes in vehicle width, length or height.
We can perform the modifications and get your title updated. We can also get your title updated for modifications you have already installed on your vehicle. We can discuss options and costs for any modifications you’re interested in once we’ve seen your vehicle.

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